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5 Perks to Hiring an Attorney When Dealing with SSDI

social security insurance claim and accident lawsuitRealizing that you can’t work any longer is a difficult time. You may wonder how you’ll pay your bills and make ends meet. Basic life needs can be hard to take care of without an income. People with a work history may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. You must have worked 5 out of the last 10 years and with enough work credits to qualify. Paying your FICA taxes will reward you with work credits. Attorney Terri D. Mason team is ready to help you with your SSDI case. Contact us to hire the best law firm in the country for SSDI. Our professionals know how important it is to get the benefits you’re entitled to. Having an SSDI lawyer comes with perks to ease your SSDI application.

Understand Compassionate Allowance List

The process for filing SSDI is complex because you have to outline all of your medical conditions and fill out the application. Making sure that everything is accurate is imperative because this can directly impact the application’s outcome.

For people with conditions appearing on the Compassionate Allowances List, including completely accurate condition names is critical. The automated system will flag applications that have those conditions so they can move through an expedited process.

Obtain Essential Evidence

Showing how your disabilities limit your ability to work is one of the most important factors in an SSDI case. We can obtain medical evidence, including getting opinions from doctors, that clarifies how limiting your condition is.

Representatives of the SSA and Administrative Law judges don’t always realize how medical conditions can impact workers. We, SSDI lawyers, can present the facts of your case in a way that makes it easier for them to understand exactly why you qualify for SSDI.

One thing that some people don’t think about when they’re filing for SSDI is that the medications they’re taking can also have an impact on their ability to work. We don’t focus only on the medical condition you have. We also show how the treatments for it are making it impossible for you to earn a living wage.

SSDI Attorney Fees are on a Contingency Basis

You don’t pay SSDI lawyer fees upfront. All social security disability lawyers in Maryland work on a contingency basis, so they only get paid if you get benefits. There are limits to how much they can earn, and their payments will come directly from your benefits check. In 2022, the limit for pay is the lesser of either 25% of the retroactive benefits or $6,000.

Unless you’re awarded retroactive or past due benefits, there isn’t a payment for the attorney. You will sign a fee agreement ahead of time to know how much you’ll have to pay.

Handle Appeals

Many people who file for disability benefits are denied at first. Having experienced SSDI Maryland lawyers on your side, you can have them handle the appeal for you. Making sure that you have everything included for the appeal is critical.

Sometimes, an appeal may require getting medical documents or other information. Instead of spending time doing this, your social security disability lawyer can get it all for you. This frees up your time to take care of yourself.

Your Attorney Will Represent You at Disability Hearings

An Administrative Judge oversees hearings for Social Security Disability Insurance. SSDI Maryland disability lawyers representing you at a hearing can make a big difference because they can explain things about your case. We also know the applicable laws and regulations, so we can point those out when necessary.

Part of representing you also involves helping to prepare you for the proceeding. We can discuss the questions the judge might ask and the information they’re looking for. Knowing what to expect can help to reduce your stress, making it easier to deal with the process.

You don’t have to wonder when to hire a disability lawyer another second. Instead, give us a call and let SSDI lawyers at the Law Offices of Terri D. Mason show you how we can help you to get the SSDI benefits you qualify for.