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What Should You Not Say in a Disability Interview?

If you are looking to receive social security disability, you will have to go through an application with the appropriate office before you can earn the benefits. The interview is a big component of the application and can determine if you are eligible for the benefits. With the help of SSI lawyers from the Law […]

How can I Increase My Chances of Getting Disability?

There are cases sometimes where Maryland residents find themselves with an unfortunate disability and they are not able to continue working. There may be extensive pain, grueling treatments, or other reasons the disability is keeping you from working. When this happens, you need to apply for disability benefits so that you can have some income […]

What Is the Most Approved Disability?

The Social Security Administration reported that close to 10 million people received benefits in 2020. This valuable program is a lifeline for those who have done their fair share of contributing to society and need a helping hand, but it does have limitations on who can receive the benefit. Moving through the process is made […]

Tips for Success With SSDI/SSI Reconsideration

Unfortunately, numerous social security disability benefit claims will be denied, with the SSD citing various reasons for this. Despite this, filing an appeal for reconsideration is still possible, with numerous applicants getting their benefits in due time. While the process is not an easy task, a social security disability lawyer can help with this. The following guide […]

4 Steps to Success in Getting SSI Disability Benefits

Getting disability benefits will not be easy for most, with numerous individuals missing out on their claims due to minor errors in their records. If you are currently faced with this problem, you will likely be required to pursue a claim under Supplemental Security Income, an area that requires social security disability attorneys for a successful application. […]

Consultative Exam For SSDI: What to Expect

A consultative exam is a medical examination that is requested by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to help determine if an individual qualifies for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. The exam is conducted by a doctor who is chosen by the SSA and paid for by the agency. The results of the exam are […]

How Could I Lose SSDI/SSI Disability Benefits After Being Approved?

Many individuals who are approved for SSD, or Social Security Disability will continue to receive their benefits without any problems for many years to come. However, it’s important to remember that these benefits are not guaranteed to provide you with income for the rest of your life. In fact, there are various ways in which […]

c: Common Signs and What to Do Next

It can be heartbreaking to feel forced to place a beloved family member in a Baltimore area nursing home because their health has deteriorated to a certain extent, yet you’re unable to step in and provide the care that they need. What can be even more heartbreaking, as well as infuriating, is finding out that […]

How an Attorney can Help Seniors with Their Legal Needs

Whether you are a senior Baltimore resident or have a loved one, that is, you want to make sure they have quality representation available for their legal needs if they ever need to use it. Many of these residents could be taken advantage of when it comes to elder abuse. Below are signs of elder […]

The Social Security Administration and How an Attorney can Help

The Social Security Administration As with any other state, the filling process for social security disability is the same due to it being a federal government program. So, if you had no choice but to be unemployed for at least a year, you may be qualified for social security disability benefits.  If approved for Social […]