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How has COVID-19 Affected the Disability Application Process?

disabled man wearing a mask during coronavirus pandemicCOVID-19 has affected nearly every facet of society. It’s changed the way we interact with one another, the way we work, and the disability application process. 

Are you interested in learning more about COVID-19 regarding the disability application process? 

Keep reading to learn more details about the current process and what to expect. If you feel there’s a need for assistance with this process, you can contact the Law Offices of Terri D. Mason to get started.

Is COVID-19 an Occupational Disease?

Covid-19 is not an occupational disease. However, suppose there’s documentation regarding the workers’ infections that resulted from participating in their work-related duties. In that case, it’s important to know that there must be verifiable documentation to verify its validity and to process a potential claim.

COVID-19 on Persons with Disabilities Application Process

In most cases, people who contracted COVID-19 were out of work for extended timelines and suffered financial hardships. Of those impacted by it, the most notable were those with disabilities. Many disabled people were out of work and had severe financial hardships. 

More people will be permanently out of work due to COVID-19 infections. That means more people are eligible to file for disability benefits resulting from their exposure to COVID-19. As a result, they are one of the many issues related to the disability application process.

The application process has become slower and more difficult due to all the new applications resulting from the impacts of the pandemic. A SS disability application process is already quite complex, but having COVID-19 in the formula makes the process even more difficult for many. 

That is why the services of a top disability lawyer are more crucial than ever in these cases. They take these cases exclusively and are familiar with all the new changes and issues related to disability claims and the effects that COVID-19 has on the entire process.

Processing Disability Application During COVID-19

If you plan to file a disability benefit application or you’ve had your initial application rejected, don’t worry. You can dispute the rejection with some assistance and appeal the decision and get much better results. To get help with this issue, the best course of action is to contact a professional attorney who specializes in these cases.

If your disability benefit application is currently processing, you may want to consider having the details of a law firm able to handle a disability claim appeal in case it’s rejected.  It’s important to know that many applications are initially declined, especially if the applicant doesn’t have an attorney working with them on their claim. It’s easy to begin working with an experienced and reliable Social Security disability attorney specializing in these cases. 

How an SSDI Disability Lawyer Can Help

An SSDI disability lawyer can help cut through the red tape related to the impact that COVID-19 has had on the disability application process and continue social security disability application proceedings. A top attorney can begin filing paperwork and collecting details to get the process moving forward and educate their client regarding the ins and outs along the way.

When you’re looking for a disability attorney or law firm, it’s important to select a firm that has an excellent reputation for getting results and providing its clients with the fastest and most reliable services in the field. They can help prevent unnecessary hold-ups and rejections that may be even more problematic now than before the pandemic. They know how to handle the case precisely in the best way to get ideal results for the applicant.

They can work with their clients to educate them on the disability claims process and assist them with gathering their details and information to create an accurate and complete application or appeals to ensure they get faster results and a better chance of having their claim approved.

Anyone interested in filing a claim for Baltimore MD disability insurance should contact SSDI Maryland disability lawyers who can get their claims handled appropriately and professionally. Contact the Law Offices of Terri D. Mason. Now is the time to get started to ensure the best outcome for your case.