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Social Security Disability Denials Are Often Based on an Outdated Job

denied social security disability application formWhen you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, the slightest mistake can delay the process or result in denial. Unfortunately, thousands of qualified Americans receive denied Social Security Disability benefits every year because the jobs they used to hold have been replaced with newer ones. This mistake happens because the Social Security Administration (SSA) uses an outdated job list called the Dictionary of Occupational Titles that only reflects some job titles available. Fortunately, if you have been denied Social Security disability, the Law Offices of Terri D. Mason can help. Below, we will discuss some of the issues our Social Security Disability lawyers can help with.

Denied Social Security Disability Application

Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration can be provided to individuals who cannot work for at least a year due to an illness or injury. These include Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). However, applying for disability benefits can be a lengthy and laborious process. The good news is that a knowledgeable SS Disability lawyer can guide you through this application process and represent your interests should any appeals arise. 

To determine if you are disabled, the Social Security Administration requires the completion of an Adult Disability Report. Once the SSA reviews your application, they will notify you whether or not you are eligible for disability benefits. Otherwise, they may let you know they plan to review your case.

Many applicants receive denied Social Security disability at this stage. However, you can often appeal the decision in an administrative hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Therefore, having experienced Social Security Disability lawyers on your side during this critical step in the process is highly recommended.

Denied SS Disability Based on Obsolete Jobs

The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses an evaluation process that considers your impairments and how they impact your capacity to work. They employ vocational experts to determine your needs for specific jobs as part of their evaluation process. These individuals will testify to available opportunities and determine if you possess the necessary skillset for one of them.

Unfortunately, vocational experts often rely on outdated job information when determining what jobs you can pursue. For instance, they might base on the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, which contains thousands of obsolete entries that have yet to be revised. 

Some obsolete jobs have been automated or sent offshore, while others are nonessential in today’s globalized society. Not surprisingly, if you have had Social Security disability denied, you may not have known about this flaw within the SSA. Fortunately, the Law Offices of Terri D. Mason is ready to be your advocate.

Fight Back Against Outdated Job Denials With Our SS Disability Lawyer

If your medical condition prevents you from working, Social Security Disability benefits enable you to pay your bills and maintain essential income streams. If you had a Social Security Disability denied, our SS Disability lawyer can help.

Social Security Disability lawyers can guide you through this process and guarantee all necessary evidence is collected and presented in a way that supports your claim. We understand what to look for during the application process, how to construct a compelling case, and how to handle hearings effectively. 

In filing an appeal, a judge will assess all evidence presented at this hearing. However, it may be daunting for individuals to go through this complex process alone.

As an experienced SS Disability lawyer in Maryland, Terri Mason will personally handle your case, gathering past and present medical records demonstrating your physical limitations and whether this condition has caused you to miss work. She will help calculate your benefit rate and eligibility.

We are here to guide you through the appeals process if you have a denied Social Security disability. Call us at 443-948-7772 to schedule your consultation.