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What can a Social Security Disability Attorney do for Me?

social security insurance claim and accident lawsuitSocial Security benefits provide for two major groups, retirees and those who have disabilities that make it impossible to earn a regular income. As a result, this 20th century government program has been instrumental in providing thousands of people a basic means of income in their senior years or when they are no longer able to take care of themselves because of a severe medical or psychological impairment (s). 

There is no Guaranteed Approval

The disability process is not automatic. It requires a significant and cumbersome application process as well as scrutiny, much of which is designed to weed out fraudulent cases. Unfortunately, many well-deserving parties who don’t have the skill or ability to make it through the paperwork and tests also get eliminated as well.

An Attorney’s Help is Discretionary

There is no requirement that one must have an attorney help them through a Social Security disability benefits application, but it definitely makes a huge difference for those that do. The process has become so complex, the average person more often than not gets denied the first time because of simple but technical mistakes that trap the unfamiliar. When Social Security disability lawyers get involved, they become more than just the technical advice. The counsel works as a representative for the client with the Social Security offices as well as providing the official legal responses that much of the application depends on to be successful. 

Finding the Pitfalls That are Hidden in Plain Site

A key starting benefit, regardless of where one is in the application process or if even rejected and trying again, is the technical review by a Social Security disability lawyer. In almost every instance, with an application originally prepared by a regular person, a disability attorney is going to find an avoidable critical mistake. It’s not that people are dumb, by any means. With the help of Social Security disability attorneys, the legalese and technical hoops one has to go through in the application process are simply obscure, hard, confusing and sometimes almost misleading if one doesn’t know how they are applied by the government. A trained disability attorney can see these issues immediately and help the response avoid the traps beforehand.

Familiarity With Government Criteria

Another big problem for applicants is reaching an application status where their package is actually complete. Many applications are denied on the frustrating basis that they are missing one document or another. Again, the attorney knows what to look for and makes sure has been addressed, avoiding a denial that doesn’t need to occur.

Baltimore Legal Help is Available for Applicants

The Law Offices of Terri D. Mason, P.C. regularly handles, prepares, counsels and supports Social Security disability applicants every year. As a Baltimore SS disability lawyer, Terri Mason’s team has been instrumental in turning around application cases that seemed hopeless for approval. Social Security disability attorneys are not a 100 percent perfect guarantee of a disability application, but the difference between their technical help and the average layperson’s application package is tremendous on a statistical basis of success. So, when approval of a related application really matters, it makes sense to go with the winning approach. 

Remember, a good amount of a disability case has to be justified medically. But if an applicant is not a doctor, and a physician can’t be present during the meetings and fill all out the forms required, how does the applicant make sure the information provided is medically verified? An attorney’s help like that from the Law Offices of Terri D. Mason, P.C. can cut through these logistical problems easily. And it solves one of the key problems many applicants have proving their disability.