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4 Steps to Success in Getting SSI Disability Benefits

supplemental security incomeGetting disability benefits will not be easy for most, with numerous individuals missing out on their claims due to minor errors in their records. If you are currently faced with this problem, you will likely be required to pursue a claim under Supplemental Security Income, an area that requires social security disability attorneys for a successful application. But even with professional help, it still pays to understand the steps you will be required to utilize.

4 Steps to Success in Getting SSI Disability Benefits

Assess Your Medical Requirement

The first step to ensuring you get the most out of your Baltimore MD disability insurance claim will be assessing your medical requirement, which shows proof of your ailment. Here, you will be required to show that your health problem qualifies as a disabling ailment. It should also be expected to last at least 12 months. Your work credits will also come in handy and should be made available with the SSA.

In addition to this, your health issue should qualify as a hindrance to the performance of your work. Baltimore SS disability lawyers also advise their clients to utilize the SSA Blue Book that lists the various impairments that qualify for disability benefits and the diagnosis of each ailment.

Assess Non-Medical Eligibility

Since the SSI is designed to provide financial aid for individuals with limited assets, it will typically have a limit on the qualifying applicants. Individuals with property valued at more than $2,000 will, for instance, not qualify for the disability benefits, along with couples that have property valued at more than $3,000. Social security disability lawyers also suggest researching updated income limits, with the 2021 cap-off figure being $794 and $841 for 2022.

Even with these estimates, take note that not all incomes will be calculated under the SSA, a factor that will require you to seek help from professionals in the disability benefits field. Other non-medical eligibility requirements that you will need to verify are your employment history and details, marital status and age based on the disability benefit you wish to claim.

Gather Medical Evidence

Getting the appropriate medical evidence will be your next step, with documentation allowing you to stand a better chance at your claim. Make it a point to collect evidence directly targeted at a specific listing in the SSA Blue Book. Ensure that your documents have details of the diagnosis of your ailment, the prognosis of your recovery and relevant procedures you have undergone during your treatment. Ensure that these documents also list if the procedures were successful or not. A social security disability lawyer can countercheck these details, increasing the success of your claim.

A letter from your doctor explaining the extent of your medical condition and the limitations it poses will also go a long way in supporting your claim. If this is not possible, your physician could complete a residual capacity form to help you get detailed documentation.

Update Your Claim

You may occasionally have new updates during your application process that significantly impact your claim. If this happens, ensure that you forward new medical evidence for proper assessment by the SSI. You can do this by contacting your SSI representative or reaching out to a disability lawyer to help out with this. Any denials will warrant additional options, with a disability hearing being an alternative to helping you settle your claim. Take note that applicants have 60 days to file a request for reconsideration at the local SSI office. After this, your chances of getting your disability benefits are reduced significantly, limiting future applications.

How an Attorney Can Help

If you are currently struggling to get your disability benefit, getting an experienced Baltimore SS disability lawyer to help with this process will be your ideal solution. Experts understand the various application requirements, allowing you to eliminate any errors that could result in delayed payments and complete rejection. A social security disability attorney could also help you gather the proper evidence for your ailment, providing a smooth application process. Due to the constant changes in the asset and income limits, understanding diverse legal frameworks will require a trained eye, with disability lawyers being your best bet.

For help with the above, consider reaching out to the Law Offices of Terri D. Mason. Our services focus on helping you get the best shot at getting your disability benefits in the shortest duration.