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Experienced MD Mental Health Law Attorney Guides Those in Need

Baltimore lawyer helps clients and their families deal with legal issues related to competence, disability and discrimination.

The lawyer at Law Offices of Terri D. Mason, P.C. is dedicated to keeping up to date on the frequently changing laws that affect people with mental health issues. Many areas of the law are affected by the mental health of the people involved. I represent those who have faced discrimination due to a mental illness. In the area of criminal law, I work to help defendants demonstrate that they are unfit for trial or not culpable due to insanity or a mental defect. I also help those with mental conditions get any public benefits they are entitled to under the law. The legal system and society often misunderstand mental illness and related issues. In all areas of law, I advocate on behalf of my clients and their families. When necessary, I educate judges and juries about the conditions affecting you.

Fighting to stop discrimination against the mentally ill

The Baltimore attorney represents the mentally ill and those with developmental disabilities when they have been victims of discrimination. There are laws protecting those with mental health conditions in a variety of situations. I represent those in MD with mental health conditions who are facing discrimination in the areas of:

I am committed to defending the rights of those with mental illness in all facets of society.

Preserving your rights in MD criminal cases

All people are guaranteed important fundamental rights by the law. You have the right to a fair trial. This means that you must be competent to stand trial before a trial can be conducted. Generally, this means you must be able to understand what is happening around you and capable of assisting in your own defense. If you or a family member is not capable of standing trial, I can help.

In some cases, a mental illness or defect may also prevent a guilty verdict. Laws vary by state, but in many states, certain crimes require that the defendant formed the required mental intent to commit the crime in order to be convicted. If you or a loved one was not capable of forming the requisite intent at the time of the crime, I can help you prove insanity or temporary insanity under the law. Insanity is an outdated legal term. You don’t have to be “insane” to be considered incapable of forming intent. I use my skills and dynamic courtroom demeanor to protect your rights in the the courtroom.

Helping you get Social Security benefits

Those with mental illnesses and defects are often entitled to benefits from the Social Security Administration and other public agencies. Unfortunately, these agencies often force those who have the hardest time dealing with paperwork and bureaucracy to jump through the most hoops to take advantage of their rights under the law. At Law Offices of Terri D. Mason, P.C., I help you apply for SSI, SSDI and other programs. I assist you or your family member with all forms and appeals.

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