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How Could I Lose SSDI/SSI Disability Benefits After Being Approved?

man is holding social security disability insurance ssdi policyMany individuals who are approved for SSD, or Social Security Disability will continue to receive their benefits without any problems for many years to come. However, it’s important to remember that these benefits are not guaranteed to provide you with income for the rest of your life. In fact, there are various ways in which a person’s benefits may be terminated or suspended. It is important to be aware of these instances. If your benefits do happen to get suspended or terminated, you can reason out to a Baltimore SS disability lawyer affiliated with the Law Offices of Terri D. Mason.

Ways SSD Benefits May Get Suspended or Terminated

Improvement in Medical Situation

Some instances may or may not require you to obtain a Social Security Disability lawyer. One of the ways that you can lose your benefits is if your medical condition improves. In the majority of cases, SSD is approved for the beneficiary when it is connected to a debilitating medical condition or injury. If a person’s condition should improve, the SSA may make a determination that the individual is no longer disabled and terminate their benefits.

Returning to Work

If a beneficiary begins work again and collects a certain amount of money while they are still receiving SSD benefits, the SSA may determine that they are engaging in substantial gainful activity. This will disqualify you from receiving any future benefits. Again, if you have any questions, you should reach out to a SS disability lawyer.

Reaching Age of Retirement

SSD beneficiaries who reach the age of 65, which is the full retirement age, will no longer be eligible to receive their benefits. This is because an individual is not able to receive both retirement benefits and SSD benefits at the same time. Instead, you will receive payments under the Social Security retirement program.


If you have been convicted of a crime or sentenced to prison for a long period of time, you will automatically lose your SSD benefits during the time of your sentence. There are some cases in which a felony conviction can result in you losing your benefits permanently. Again, this is something that social security disability lawyers deal with all the time.

Going Over Income Limits

The most common reason why an individual may lose their SSD benefits is that they may have too much income. If you experience an increase in your income from any source that puts you over your income or asset limit, you can lose your benefits. Certain acquired assets may also be counted towards these limits, such as private pensions, spousal income, alimony payments, parental income, or inherited assets.

How an Attorney Can Help

If your SSD benefits were suspended or terminated because you began working and earned too much money, you may be eligible for expedited reinstatement. This is only true if you stop making too much money. If this is your case, a social security disability attorney may be able to assist you. EXR allows you to have your benefits restarted without having to reapply for the benefits. If you do qualify for EXR, you will be able to get your benefits back a lot sooner than if you had to reapply.

To qualify for EXR, you must have stopped working because of the same disability for which you originally received your SSI benefits. Additionally, your medical condition must not be better than when you originally applied for benefits.

It is a good idea to speak with a Baltimore MD disability insurance attorney if your benefits have been suspended or terminated. The system can be extremely hard to navigate and reaching out to an attorney could make a big difference between getting your SSD benefits back.

Appeals may need to be filed and the SSA has to review your case. Having an attorney on your side will make this entire process a lot smoother and easier for you. It is easy for the SSA to deny your request for expedited reinstatement. If your request is denied, your Medicaid or Medicare will stop. This is something that you can avoid by hiring an attorney.

The last thing you want to experience after going through the SSI application process is losing those benefits when you need them the most. If you are unsure how your benefit status will be affected by a recent increase in income, acquisition of a part-time job, or something related, social security disability attorneys should be able to help you.