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The Social Security Administration and How an Attorney can Help

social security administrationThe Social Security Administration

As with any other state, the filling process for social security disability is the same due to it being a federal government program. So, if you had no choice but to be unemployed for at least a year, you may be qualified for social security disability benefits. 

If approved for Social Security disability, the funds may be used for daily expenses, prescriptions, other expenses, etc. Maryland’s residents can apply for social security online, in-person, or over the phone.

So, go to to apply online. To apply over the phone, call the social security administration toll-free number, which is 1-800-773-1213 or 1-800-325-0778 for TTY. Otherwise, you can go to one of SSA’s field offices to apply in person.

Please note, that getting approved for social security disability benefits is difficult to achieve. The SSA only accepts 22% of the initial applications, and approximately 63% of those applications are denied, according to SSA. However, there are top-notch social security disability attorneys that are more than happy to take on the complicated process of getting clients approved for social security disability benefits.  

There are common reasons why most applicants are denied social security disability benefits. These reasons are as follows: 

To decide whether you qualify for social security disability, the SSA uses logs and notes from your primary doctor. Even though medical records should be complete, they usually don’t show details concerning how a disability impedes the applicant’s work capability. And thus, the social security disability claim is likely to be denied. 

Social security disability claims are also denied many times due to the applicant ignoring the rehabilitation and treatment of the applicant’s doctor. These applicants’ medical instructions for disability may include several clinic appointments, regular prescription drug usage, and doing certain rehabilitation exercises. 

There are times, however, when this rule may not apply. This rule may not apply if the disability doesn’t allow the applicant to do specifically prescribed exercises. Another instance is when the applicant’s religious beliefs go against some therapy exercises. Also, this rule may not apply if the person applying for SS disability can’t afford to buy the prescribed treatment. A reputable social security disability attorney will walk you step-by-step with all the application complexities. 

How an Attorney Can Help

When working with a high-quality social security disability lawyer, he/she will work hard to build the best possible disability claim for you. These types of social security disability lawyers will collect and thoroughly review your medical records. They will listen closely to your story, consult with you on the process, and inform you on how to proceed. They will also negotiate to obtain the best possible settlement for you and more.

These lawyers will also inform you about what to expect by telling you how most applications are denied at first. They will also tell you the average time it may take for an application to be approved after the initial rejection of an application. 

As previously stated, it is difficult to be approved for social security disability benefits. Around 22% of accepted applications are approved for the first time.

The federal government is particularly strict when it comes to defining and determining who has the ‘disabled’ designation. So, it’s critical to work with the right attorney to help you completely with the social security disability application process. 

For More Information

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