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Things to Include in Your SSD Application

man filling in social security disability claimWhen certain injuries or medical conditions occur that cause you to be unable to work, it is very crucial to take advantage of SSD benefits. To take advantage of social security income (SSI) or social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits, you must first complete an application for such benefits. 

The application process is lengthy, but it is worth it. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. And since this is about the financial well-being of you and your family, it is well-worth being tenacious in this process.  All reputable social security disability lawyers will vouch for the complex process when applying for social security disability.

Please note that approximately 70% of initial social security disability applications are denied. The decision of these initial applications usually occurs in three to six months.

This statistic should be another reason why you should ensure to be as thorough and tenacious as possible. Thus, you must gather important documents and take your time to answer the application correctly the best you can. And since this process is so critical, it will behoove you to work with one of the top-notch social security disability attorneys. 

Things to Include in Your SSD Application

In the application process, you must give information about your medical conditions, your medical treatments, your education, and your work history over the last 15 years. You will also include the following things in your SSD application:  

How an Attorney Can Help

You must gather this information and possibly more information to ensure you are as thorough as possible when completing the application for these benefits. This information is for either the social security income (SSI) or social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits,

However, if you have a hard time finding this information, you should get legal assistance from a reputable social security disability lawyer.  This type of lawyer can fill out the SSDI or SSD application on your behalf and help gather medical records and other evidence for your claim. They can also review your application for mistakes or omissions that could hurt your chances of success and can join you for meetings or conferences with Social Security officials. The SSA will work directly with your representative and provide access to information from your Social Security file.

For More Information 

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