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Tips for Success With SSDI/SSI Reconsideration

social security disability benefits claimUnfortunately, numerous social security disability benefit claims will be denied, with the SSD citing various reasons for this. Despite this, filing an appeal for reconsideration is still possible, with numerous applicants getting their benefits in due time. While the process is not an easy task, a social security disability lawyer can help with this. The following guide explains some tips that could come in handy for your reconsideration.

Tips for Success With SSDI/SSI Reconsideration

File Within the Right Period

If you get a denial letter for your SSI, you have 60 days to submit your appeal in writing. If this time lapses, your claim will likely be denied, limiting your chances of getting disability benefits. A Baltimore ss disability lawyer can help you with this, allowing you to file for reconsideration within the right time.

Submit the Right Documentation

Reconsideration appeals require specific documentation and will often require you to utilize Form SSA-561 and the Reconsideration Disability Report. These will be essential in helping you update any new information that is relevant to your reconsideration for a thorough review. An Authorization to Disclose Information to the SSA Form will also be required, as this will allow the SSA to access your medical records during reconsideration.

Submit Your Appeals Letter

While the SSA forms will give you room to express why your denial was not fair, this will often be limited, with an effective appeals letter acting as an alternative solution. A social security disability attorney can help you draft this, listing relevant details about why you need to apply for a reconsideration. This should be submitted alongside the SSA form, making it easier for your representative to review your viewpoint.

Submit Additional Medical Evidence

Medical evidence will be a crucial factor in your reconsideration and will often determine the outcome of your appeal. For this, gather all relevant additional medical evidence and documentation for submission. Your doctor’s help will come in handy here since they have the proper evidence for making a stronger claim for your case. This could be any changes in your treatments or medication plan. Ensure that these are relevant to the type of Baltimore MD disability insurance you wish to claim.

Work With Disability Benefits Experts

While the above will be essential in helping you get a successful reconsideration, working with an expert in disability benefits will also allow you to stand a better chance at your appeal. Make it a point to research certified social security disability lawyers in your state and your local region. Check for reputation, experience and client reviews, as these will allow you to gauge the kind of service to expect from your attorney. Getting professionals to work on your appeal also guarantees that you minimize errors you would often make during the filing process, reducing any complexities during your reconsideration.

Obtain a Written Opinion from Your Physician

A letter from your doctor will also increase your reconsideration success and will act as additional medical evidence. Ask your doctor to provide an in-depth written review of your medical condition, with the nature and severity of your ailment being essential parts of your letter. In addition to this, ensure that the letter also states the limitations caused by your medical condition. Based on your reconsideration, these details will prove crucial if your appeal goes to the hearing stage.

Provide Credible Evidence

While providing exaggerated evidence for your reconsideration may be tempting, this will only hurt your chances of getting a successful appeal. Ensure that all information provided presents an honest look into your medical condition. In addition to this, outline examples of limitations that your health condition has brought about. Ambiguity will also ruin your appeal, with too little information likely to be viewed as falsified reasons for getting disability benefits. Clearly state the grounds of your reconsideration to ensure that subsequent levels of appeal are also successful.

How an Attorney Can Help

Tracking all the complexities of reconsideration will likely not be your strong suit, with any mistake likely to cost you your appeal. If this is something you are currently struggling with, a SS disability lawyer can help you decipher the ins and outs of your appeal while cutting down on any time wastage during this period.

If your claim has been denied or you need to apply for a disability benefit, consider reaching out to reliable social security disability attorneys to help with your claim. Contact the Law Offices of Terri D. Mason today for your appeal process.